Dr. Finnerty will complete a MRFC and comment on any Social Security disability listings that should be met

Independent Social Security disability opinions

Dr. Finnerty will perform a psychological evaluation. If Dr. Finnerty feels you meet any of Social Security’s mental listings, he will offer his opinions related to that. In addition, Dr. Finnerty will create a mental residual functional capacity narrative for you that includes ratings of the abilities below, but more importantly a narrative of what you can and can’t do- including addressing abilities needed for any job. If you’re not able to work at all and should qualify for Social Security disability, Dr. Finnerty will address the abilities needed for any job that you are not able to do because of your psychological condition.


Not Limited




The ability to remember locations and work-like procedures

The ability to understand and remember very short and simple instructions

The ability to understand and remember detailed instructions

The ability to carry out very short and simple instructions

The ability to carry out detailed instructions

The ability to maintain attention and concentration for extended periods

The ability to perform activities within a schedule, maintain regular attendance. and be punctual within customary tolerances

The ability to sustain an ordinary routine without special supervision.

The ability to work in coordination with or proximity to others without being distracted by them.

The ability to make simple work-related decisions.

The ability to complete a normal work- day and workweek without interruptions from psychologically based symptoms and to perform at a consistent pace without an unreasonable number and length of rest periods

The ability to interact appropriately with the general public

The ability to ask simple questions or request assistance

The ability to accept instructions and respond appropriately to criticism from supervisors

The ability to get along with coworkers or peers without distracting them or exhibiting behavioral extremes

The ability to maintain socially appropriate behavior and to adhere to basic standards of neatness and cleanliness.

The ability to respond appropriately to changes in the work setting

The ability to be aware of normal hazards and take appropriate precautions

The ability to travel in unfamiliar places or use public transportation

The ability to set realistic goals or make plans independently of others.

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