Hi, I’m Dr. Todd Finnerty. I’m a psychologist and disability claim consultant.

Dr. Finnerty is a Psychologist who can provide independent disability psychological exams via teleheath to over half the states in the country. He can do this for Social Security, VA disability and other types of disability claims. Dr. Finnerty can provide a psychological evaluation for an independent opinion and/or a second opinion for your disability claim.

Dr. Finnerty is a psychologist that offers independent disability examinations via telehealth to more than half the states in the country and in person in his office in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Finnerty is a psychologist and disability claim expert motivated to ensure that people get the help they qualify for and don’t fall through the cracks in the system.


Dr. Finnerty is an Ohio licensed psychologist and PSYPACT provider.


Dr. Finnerty has close to 20 years of experience helping the government make the decisions on Social Security disability claims.


Dr. Finnerty was named the “Consultant of the Year” for his work on Social Security disability claims.


Dr. Finnerty’s public comments helped to shape the current Social Security disability mental listings.

Telehealth exams are available in over 36 states and counting

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